About Us


Information Technology has become the backbone for almost all enterprises. It has also become complex and critical. With fast changing trends and emergence of always connected infrastructure, there are challenges alike for managing the IT infrastructure, be it a large enterprise or a small enterprise. For a small enterprise, the challenges are more around keeping configurations current, retaining manpower, making IT predictable and reliable. So it is often a struggle to ensure that IT systems keep pace with the growing business needs. Making it future proof is a different challenge altogether. Next2Call’s services is a comprehensive build-operate-manage service of IT infrastructure of Small and Medium Enterprises. Starting from on-demand break-down support we have a comprehensive suite in infrastructure architecture design, implementation and management services that also includes people, processes and tools.

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Mission & Vision

Our aim is to provide reliable IT infrastructure services at affordable prices. What’s more, these services are delivered by the same teams that manage large complex IT Infrastructure of large clients. So it is indeed quality services at affordable costs. Our services are designed to suit the needs of all spectrum of customers – right from light-weight, on –demand needs of a small enterprise to the comprehensive 24×7 service needs of IT dependent enterprise, where IT is a critical utility. Our service covers all elements of infrastructure – starting from the cabling right up to the hosted servers, databases and critical applications. We offer a variety of support solutions for timely and cost effective IT Infrastructure Management Services. Next2Call has been working within many verticals and services customers at different levels. While working in this diverse environment Next2Call has been able to structure end-to-end solutions for various customer needs and requirements in the market.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Next 2 Call primarily focus on its customer’s satisfaction. Expert Consultants is something you need in a bad time when you get stuck helplessly or looking for process expansion or re-engineering. We care and understand the value of your time. Our expert teams will help you come out of your Call Center problems or new requisitions.