Accelerated adoption of cloud is a strategic imperative for businesses which aim to be future-ready. Enterprises are unlocking business agility, speed and resilience with a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy that drives innovation, visibility, and control. In a multi-cloud environment, enterprises need to rely on a private network that connects not only their data centres, offices and branches, but also their preferred cloud services provider in a secure manner. While cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, IBM Cloud and Google offer agility, future-proofing, and opex-based infrastructure; yet many enterprises remain concerned over internet security and unreliable internet performance.

EZ Cloud Connect from Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) is designed to address these concerns and offers businesses an one-stop solution that, along with eliminating multiple-entry interaction is SLA-compliant and easily operable. The bundled solution ensures connectivity across your offices, preferred data centres and cloud port.

EZ Cloud Connect does away with the hassle of multiple touchpoints to avail a single service and delivers a secure and reliable cloud connection:

  • Allows customizable configurations to match your business needs
  • Ensures a secure connection by establishing direct private connections between leading public cloud services
  • Offers consistent and predictable performance by overcoming the pitfalls of a public internet connection


The EZ Cloud Connect is an all-in-one bundled solution which comes with a DCL/ NPLC connectivity, X-Connect and a Cloud Port access that will be configured according to your needs with the Cloud Service Providers (CSP) that you choose. This solution enables ease across 4 dimensions i.e. it is easy on your pocket, it is easy to scale, it is easy to manage and ultimately it provides easy security and protection.

Connectivity to Data Centre

Connects your business to the preferred data centre

The DLC/NPLC connects your business to the preferred data centre and enables cloud services with assured bandwidth of 1:1 combined with SLA. The bandwidth is scalable as per your business needs and provides flexibility that is desired for now and for the future.


Bypass cross-connect solutions from the data centre in favour of fixed pricing

Establishing a cross-connect service within your data centres is likely to be accompanied by variable pricing that is dictated by the data centre. Through EZ Cloud Connect, this comes as per of TTBS Standard offering as a bundled solution that translates to a predictable performance at no extra costs

Cloud Port

Connect to the cloud without having to invest in a port separately

Seamless Connectivity to the preferred private cloud without having to invest in a port separately. This means not having to invest in one port separately from a different vendor and avail extended access from a single provider alone.


Easy access

Single window access for all key elements of CSP bundled as single solution including 1:1 connectivity, X-connect and cloud port

Easy on your pocket

Availing this solution from TTBS will bring significant cost savings to end customers vs purchasing each element of the solution independently

Easy to Scale

EZ Cloud Connect provides a scalable infrastructure that makes it easy to execute your expansion plans.

Easy to protect & secure

Secure your operations by accessing your business-critical applications using a private network making its fully secured and free from external vulnerability

Robust connectivity

With EZ Cloud Connect, you can now connect to the cloud with predictable performance and guaranteed SLAs.

Best-in-class network

An integrated plug & play network, that covers all major cloud service providers in multiple locations, so that you don’t need to worry about connectivity lapses.

One-stop easy cloud connect solution

The bundled solution that takes care of every aspect of the cloud services, thereby allowing you to focus on your business


  • Bundled cloud connectivity solution that covers all three physical infrastructural requirements including connectivity to data centre, X-connect and cloud port access
  • One fixed pricing as opposed to variable pricing for different elements of connectivity, X-connect and cloud port
  • State-of-the-art integrated security solution with no set-up required
  • Secure P2P linking via a private network and network-wide optimisation
  • Layered best practices to guard against security attacks
  • Versatile network-to-network (NNI) solution
  • Overall reduction in cost due to virtualisation of key infrastructure
  • Little to no set-up time, plug & play solution that works right out of the box
  • Improvement in productivity through better application performance with SLA backed services
  • Comprehensive coverage with the leading CSPs in India



Q. What is the starting bandwidth of EZ Cloud Connect?

A. Starting bandwidth is 10 Mbps.

Q. If I am an existing user of DLC/NPLC, how can I use EZ Cloud Connect?

A. You can always use EZ Cloud Connect by going for a simple upgrade.

Q. What is point A location?

A. Point A location is one end of network which connects to CSPs at the data centre.

Q. How can I get EZ Cloud Connect Solution?

A. You have to place a PO of DLC/NPLC along with CSP name and details to get the service of EZ Cloud Connect.

Q. What is lock-in period for EZ Cloud Connect?

A. Standard lock-in period of 12 months will be applicable.

Q. What is the billing frequency of EZ Cloud Connect?

A. Billing frequency is (Quarterly, half-early and annually).

Q. EZ Cloud Connect is available in which cities?

A. Mumbai, Delhi & Chennai.

Q. What is average time to deliver EZ Cloud Connect?

A. Average time to delivery is the same as DLC/NPLC delivery time.

Q. Who can use the services of EZ Cloud Connect?

A. Anyone who has cloud subscription from Azure, AWS, Google and Oracle.

Q. What is the SLA offered on EZ Cloud Connect?

A. SLA of 99.5%.

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