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We offer state-of-the-art technology-based automated Web Casting Platform for one-way online broadcasting that can accommodate 50 to 5000 participants according to your target audience

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We provide a flexible cloud-based Webcasting platform that can be accessed by both presenters and viewers from any device be it desktop or their smartphone. The businesses can avail the following benefits from our solution:

Flexible Approach : Our solution is flexible enough to accommodate presentations as small as 50 presenters to large international meetings with a wide audience of 5000

Track Success Rate : Get webcasting attendance, surveys reports, Q&A, testing and certification

Cloud-Based Automated Platform : Our solution is a fully automated cloud-based platform enabling users to access it using existing VCU, webcam or telephone\

Versatile Delivery : Our Solution offers access to your live or on-demand presentation through a single URL link


Browser-Based Solution

We offer a solution that can be accessed through a browser and needs no downloads or plug-ins for access

Flexible Accommodation

Can provide a platform to small as well as the small audience with a range of 50-5000 participants

Automated Platform

provide you automated feature and self-service to use an existing webcam, telephone or VCU to present your webcasting

Track and Analyze in Real-Time

Allows you to track your webcasting attendance, surveys results, Q&A, testing and certifications in real-time


Instant Broadcasting facility under 60 seconds using a 5-step wizard

Can invite guest presenters, Q&A moderators and content providers

Webcasting library with customizable folder structure

Copy previous webcast including settings and content

Offer high-quality video at low bandwidth

Integrated Telephone Bridging for Presenters and Attendees

Show/Hide the login and registration fields

Schedule post-webcasting follow-up emails

Share documents as downloads

Offer service over SSL

Ensure use of valid email address and password while login

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