Smart Office

Details about Office-in-a-box solution

What is Smart Office ?

Smart Office suite is designed on the concept of ‘Office-in-a-Box’ that ensures single point connectivity to Voice, Data, Storage and Apps to meet various day-to-day corporate needs.

Smart Office Suite

Why Choose Tata Smart Office Solution ?

Tata Smart Office is a smart choice for every business that is looking for integrated technology-oriented innovative solutions for their organization.

We offer Office tools as a single-box solution to organizations and enterprises looking for integrated services for better productivity and efficiency. With this Integrated Solution, businesses are no longer to make investment in multiple devices or approach different service providers and can avail our innovative business solution in a single box.

Enterprises to meet the challenges of multiple devices at affordable pricing need seamless connectivity and collaboration for business growth and Our All-in-one tool ensures integrated last mile connectivity for both voice and data.

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Office in a box technology

What are the benefits of Smart Office suite to my Enterprise ?

Next2call with Tata is offering smart-office technology 2021 that is developed with latest technology and features helping businesses and startup with the following advantages :

Integrated Solution : One stop solution for Voice, Data and App connectivity

Economical: Reduce Captial Expenditures and related maintenance charges

Reliable: Get dedicated bandwidth ensuring seamless connectivity

Secure: Ensure Security and Privacy to employee device while working from remote areas

Easy Deployment: Smart Office comes in Plug and Play box that is simple to install

Support: Round the clock support for any connectivity requirement


Web based Graphical User Interface

Voice and Data Connectivity in a single box

Compatible with both IP and Analog phones

Inbuilt firewall, Wi-Fi, router and DHCP server

Compatible with Desktop clients and Open Smartphone Apps

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