Secure Cloud Connect

Fast and secure access to your cloud enterprise.

Cloud is the future of organizations that aim to stay future-ready amid market disruption. In a multi-cloud environment, enterprises need to rely on a private network that connects not only their data centres, offices and branches, but also their cloud providers’ data centres.

While cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, IBM Cloud and Google offer agility, future-proofing and opex-based infrastructure; yet many enterprises remain concerned over internet security and unreliable internet performance.

Secure Cloud Connect

Tata Tele Business Services’ Secure Cloud Connect allows you to establish direct private connections between leading public cloud services, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud Services (OCS) and IBM Softlayer – over MPLS. Offered over fully secure private cloud service environments, it delivers a consistent and optimised network experience by overcoming the pitfalls of public internet connectivity.

Key customer value proposition

  • Enhanced enterprise data security over private network
  • Predictable performance and SLAs
  • Consistent performance of cloud-based applications
  • High-speed internet, scalable up to 500 Mbps
  • Safety from cyber attacks

Why Secure Cloud Connect?

As business shift their workload from on-premises IT systems to service-based cloud models, you need reliable data connectivity to build privatised networks unaffected by the public Internet’s vulnerabilities.

A feature of our Smart VPN within the MPLS portfolio, Secure Cloud Connect privatises a segment of any cloud service provider’s premises for your business. The result is more secure, SLA oriented and enterprise-grade connectivity to an infrastructure that multiple entities are using all over the globe.


SLA-backed predictable performance

Predictable, MPLS-based and SLA-backed enterprise-grade network connectivity to public cloud infrastructure.

Scalability with quick turn-around

Flexibility to scale bandwidth up to 500 MB and add new sites with no glitches.

Network redundancy

Avoid single point of failure with dual last mile.

High Security

Benefits of connecting via a private MPLS VPN or Ethernet network

Low Latency and High Stability

Instant data packet transfers and optimal stability while connecting to cloud players for smooth end user experience.


How Secure Cloud Connect help your business?
  • Higher performance cloud apps: Improvement in productivity through better application performance with SLA backed packet loss and round-trip delay over MPLS or ethernet.
  • Extensive cloud reach: Comprehensive coverage with the leading Cloud Service Providers in India.
  • No exposure on security: No risk of lost revenue, reputation and customer loyalty from malicious attacks like DDoS or cyber-attacks.
  • Reduced cloud costs: Save on Internet bandwidth and access lower CSP data transfer charges via the internet.
  • End-to-end scalability: Easy to add bandwidth or sites on to your private network.
  • Ready for service: Established a Point of Interconnection (POI) with leading CSP’s to onboard and get started.
  • Optimal bandwidth selection: Choose appropriate bandwidth for your business between 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps.


  1. What is Secure Cloud Connect?
    • – Secure Cloud Connect is a feature of the TTBS SMART VPN from the MPLS portfolio. It lets businesses connect to the public cloud platform through a secure MPLS link. Secure Cloud Connect offers higher security, reliability and speeds with lower latencies than typical connections over the internet.
  2. What are the benefits of using Secure Cloud Connect and a private network connection to the Cloud Service Provider (CSP)?
    • The benefits of a Secure Connect are:
    • Higher security
    • Reliability
    • High speeds with lower and consistent latencies
    • Helps in an environment wherein there is a large data transfer to be undertaken between the business and the CSP
  3. Where is the service available?
    • This service can be offered to connect public cloud platforms which are hosted in India.
  4. Is it necessary to have availed of an MPLS network for a Secure Connect link?
    • Yes, Secure Connect is currently offered over MPLS network only. Alternatively, for dedicated network access you may opt for ethernet services also.
  5. Which CSPs are offered the Secure Connect Services?
    • The Secure Connect service currently offers connectivity to Microsoft Azure Express route, Google Cloud Interconnect, Oracle Fast Cloud, IBM Soft Layer and AWS Direct Connect.
  6. What is the service scope under the Secure Connect offering?
    • The service scope involves provisioning of the ordered Secure Connect bandwidth capacity from your business premises/data centre to the point of interconnect with the CSP.
    • The end link is treated as a normal MPLS line; whereas TTSL supplies, maintains and manages the equipment in the case of Managed Service.
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange access to the services provided by the CSP and enter relevant contracts.
    • TTSL is not responsible for the performance/ fault of any such services that are not provided by TTSL.
  7. How much bandwidth can I avail on a Secure Connect link
    • Depending on your business internet needs, you can avail bandwidth between 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps Mbps for an single Secure cloud Connect link.
  8. Are there limits on the data transferred using a Secure Connect link?
    • No, the Secure Connect link is billable on a flat per bandwidth port per annum basis and does not have any data transfer limits.
  9. What happens in case the business has already availed a primary as well as a backup port with his CSP?
    • In this case, each of the primary and backup port will be treated as a separate bandwidth port and billed individually.
  10. What is the Service Level Agreement (SLA) on offer?
    • TTSL measures the service level target of a Secure Connect link basis the ‘Service Availability’ metric. ‘Service Availability’ for a Secure Connect link means the availability of TTSL’s Network up to the Point of Interconnect (POI) with the CSPs.
Service MetricDetailsService Level Target
Service AvailabilityMeasured up to the Point of Interconnect with the CSP99.5%

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