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Our Fleet Tracking Management Solution will enable you to track your on-path vehicles in real-time through a GPS tracking system. In an addition to this, this solution also offers you to track Driver Performance, Fuel Consumption, Path Routh.

Call Register Service

We are offering Call Register Services for businesses looking for advances solutions that makes reaching to the customers much easier and faster.

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Cloud CRM

Our CRM tool has Pre Sales, Sales and Post-Sales modules powered by TCS iON that will help the organization to enhance their customer’s journey and improve their business growth.

Content Delivery Network(CDN)

Our CDN network delivers high-quality network services to smart devices working on an interconnected system providing replicate web content at various geographies end-users hence minimizing delays in loading web page and increasing end-user experience.

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Fee Collector

Online Fee Collector tool helps you in making fee collection securely by providing you a configurable environment for admins and fee stakeholders to manage and control charges as per their needs.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk Solutions provides assistance to end-users on various issues. It simplifies customer support operations by providing a central point where user can register and raise technical and non-technical issues.

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International Bridging Services

Our International Bridging Services provide bridging facilities to companies and industries to let them connect to any international clients or business easily. Our IBS solution enables your employees to get connected to global locations without having ISD facility on their phone.

Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased Line provides high-speed internet connectivity and dedicated bandwidth to enterprises for having reliable communication and transactions over the internet.

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Lease Line

Our Leased Line Solution provides balanced and two-way dedicated channel connection between various geographies such as enterprise location, regional centres and data hubs.  We offer reliable Leased Line network with secured routers at affordable prices.


Session Initiation Protocol Trunk backed by SLA is an advanced Voice Communication Protocol that supports business scalability with up to 1500 simultaneous Voice Channels over a single link. Our SIP solution will aid enterprises in overcoming issues related to scalability, maintenance and convergence.

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Our SMS Solutions will meet all the bulk messaging requirements of your organization. Our solution comes with a set of unique features that will aid you in targeting your mass through SMS.

School Bus Tracking

Transform your School Buses into Smart Buses with our School Bus Tracking Solution that backed with RFID technology provides you automatic alerts for boarding/deboarding, wrong bus boarding and attendance marking.

School Bus Tracking
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Smart VPN

We offer Smart VPN with the assurance of secure connectivity along with key benefits such as reliability, data privacy and affordable pricing. Our service offers integrated diverse options for your enterprise, be it small, medium and large optimizing workflow and securing sensitive business information.


Establish strong communication bond with your customers with our Toll-Free Number Service that will enable your customer to reach out to you easily without paying a single penny

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Workforce Management

Our Workforce Tracking System helps you to track your on-field workforce in real-time through GPS and Cell-tower based tracking system. It offers superiors in an organization the ability to not only track them but also helps in better management of their routes and distribution of their workloads

Digital Survey

Digital Surveys lets you conduct an unlimited number of online surveys in different languages on multichannel and gaining customer insights through robust analytics tool and take an informed business decision for the organization well-being and success.

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Document Management System Advantages

Document Management System

Document Management Solution powered by TCS iON helps you to store, access and  manage work files securely and create knowledge-base to enhance collaboration within the organization.

Live Chat

Live Chat Solution enables organizations and business to stay connected with their customers and clients who visit their website in real-time for customer support and lead generation.

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Establish your voice connectivity using our SLA backed PRI services along with 30 voice channels and upscaling capability as future requirements. Our service will let enterprises have access to dynamically adaptable telecom infrastructure meeting the needs of continuously changing corporate world.

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