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Web Security

Our Web Security using DNS-based/ web proxy technology, Cisco TALOS intelligence and Advanced Malware Protection backed by Cisco can provide you complete safety against online threats and eliminate them before they can target your network.

As more and more businesses adapting to cloud-based applications and accessing the internet off the corporate boundaries, firewalls are no longer enough to ensure protection to business matters

Our Web Security Protection will provide your first layer of defence against any online threat coming to your way. It can easily determine intention behind any web request, URL links or files and after assessing them as safe or risky, they can be routed, blocked or further inspected.

Our Web Security Solution provide complete security to internet activities happening across locations(within and beyond office walls) and is compatible with all devices

  • Offers real-time protection
  • Provide enterprise-grade web security to all sizes of industry
  • Provide advanced predictive security enforcement layer at the frontline
  • Quick identification of infected devices
  • Prevent data infiltration
  • Fast and reliable with no added latency
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  • Performance: High-Performance DNS Server
  • Simple Set-up: Can be easily set-up and get started in minutes
  • Protection: DNS and IP layer protection
  • Threat Intelligence: Best threat intelligence through AMP and Talos
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Command and Control Call-back blocking

AnyConnect VPN client with Umbrella integration


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