International Bridging Services

Details about International Bridging Services


Our International Bridging Services provide bridging facilities to companies and industries to let them connect to any international clients or business easily. Our IBS solution enables your employees to get connected to global locations without having ISD facility on their phone.


We offer ISD solution to Businesses who have international operations to do and are looking for an efficient way of communication across boundaries. Our solution will provide your business with a centralized bridging facility for all your global conferences needs giving you a cost-effective way to manage your international operations.


Cost Saving

Eliminate the need of individual ISD connections all all devices  by providing centralized bridging at comparatively affordable price

Direct Billing Facility

Decrease individual dependencies

More Control

Gives you more control over company resources thereby reducing their misuse

One Bill for All

Simplify accounting system by providing a single bill for all international calls


hosted solution with zero capital expenditure

Round the clock Carrier Grade service ensuring negligible downtime

Provide three levels of  user authentication via number Whitelisting, Account ID and Pin Code to avoid resources misuse

Direct connection to fixed ILD numbers

Provides usage reports

Let you connect to any ILD number

Why Our IBS Solution ?

We develop our solutions centralizing our Clients needs and requirements

Offer you Alerts and Analytics in Real-time

Our Solution will offer you to make calls from any user location conveniently by using toll service

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