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Business communications went into full-digital mode, owing to the pandemic. The situation necessitated innovation in communication and collaboration which led to solutions that are robust, secure, and reliable to serve as a proxy for real-life interactions.

As a leading provider of digital solutions, Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) has a deep understanding of customer needs in the SME and enterprise segments and our partnership with Zoom will provide businesses with highly unified communication solutions. Enabling them to collaborate effectively and forge more meaningful relationships with their ecosystem.

With these solutions, businesses can put all of their communication concerns to rest and gain access to the best of both worlds, including trusted service, user-friendly interface and robust security.


Zoom Meetings

Simplified video conferencing across all your devices

Say hello to web conferencing that is as intuitive as real-life conversations. With an astonishingly simple interface for both end-users as well as IT staff, Zoom enables a frictionless video communication experience, a cohesive integration of mobile phones, tablets, computers and conference rooms, and a consistent experience across all devices.

Zoom Webinars

Engage your audience with flawless technology

Host online events with up to 100 interactive video participants and 10000+ attendees. Automatically record events for use and publish. Broadcast your event on social media, integrate with marketing automation tools to simplify workflows and enjoy unlimited audio for VoIP and global dial-in (toll applies) for 120+ countries


One-Stop Shop for SMEs

TTBS’ range of services, solutions and offerings empower SMEs and helps them accelerate their digital transformation journey

Robust Security

Protect all your meetings with multiple layers of security. Password protection, role-based security and waiting rooms can all be leveraged for more secure meetings

User-Friendly Interface

Simple, easy-to-use products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working spaces

Trusted Service

Managed service and reporting by TTBS with comprehensive SLA


Explore infinite business opportunities with new-age unified communication solutions

  1. Security: Protect all your meetings with multiple layers of security. Password protection, role-based security and waiting rooms can all be leveraged for more secure meetings. Zoom also comes with an uptime SLA of 99%, thereby guaranteeing uninterrupted service.
  2. Advanced data protection: All your data is protected as communications are established via 256-bit TLS encryption, and all shared content is secured by AES-256 encryption.
  3. Unlimited meetings: Operate with no constraints and schedule as many meetings as you require without worrying about added pricing.
  4. Live transcriptions: Enable seamless cross-cultural interactions by using our in-meeting transcription feature that ensures participants are never separated by language barriers.
  5. Privacy: Zoom was designed from the ground up to support user privacy and incorporates policies and control to protect your information with the care it deserves.
  6. Cloud-based recording: Recordings can be stored either locally or via Zoom’s cloud-based storage facility.
  7. Marathon meeting sessions: With an upper limit of 30 hours on individual meetings, customers can go on meetings and calls for as long as the situation calls for without worrying about disruptions.
  8. Widespread authentication tools: Apart from supporting SAML, OAuth and other password-based authentication methods, zoom also supports two-factor authentication.
  9. Identity management: Zoom supports all major enterprise identity management platforms and can map attributes to provision users to different groups via feature controls.
  10. Remote device control: Allow a fellow participant to temporarily control your keyboard and mouse to facilitate complicated exchanges and interactions over the web.
  11. Business Intelligence: An array of tools ranging from call notes, reports and analytics enable you to monitor and track the progress of your agents as well as projects.
  12. Superior meeting experience: Zoom’s service features HD video, interactive meetings, background noise and continual performance optimization, all of which contribute to a superior web-conferencing experience for you.

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