Smart VPN

Details about Smart VPN

Smart VPN

We offer Smart VPN service with the assurance of secure connectivity along with key benefits such as reliability, data privacy and affordable pricing. Our business VPN service offers integrated diverse options for your enterprise, be it small, medium and large optimizing workflow and securing sensitive business information.

Tata Teleservices Smart VPN service offers reliable and private network backed by enterprise-level Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for better management of overall communication process and smooth business operations


The Multi-Protocol Label Switching – MPLS VPN will enable your business to operate smoothly and seamlessly across geographies by providing PAN India connectivity across 100+ strategic points of presence.  It will let your employees have access to organization network from remote locations. Our MPLS VPN solution will provide

  • Highly efficient routes for business traffic
  • Optimal Service Quality Assurance
  • Any-to-Any Connectivity
Smart VPN services
Business VPN with secure connection

Secure Connect

Secure Connect will offer you a private and safe network to leading cloud service providers. It will establish a secure connection between your private network and the public cloud to let you do fast and safe data transmission and seamless transition

Internet VPN

We offer Internet VPN service as an on-site service or on-the-move service to provide secure connectivity on your employees’ smart devices. It uses your local-area Internet connectivity to forms a secure leg that will be integrated with your virtual private network and provide your secure internet access irrespective of your connection source- be it ILL, Broadband, 3G or 4G

Affordable Business VPN solution for SMEs
Affordable VPN solution for small business

Why Choose Smart VPN for Business?


Outstanding Performance

Provide real-time performance reporting and proactive monitoring

Secure Internet Access

Offer enhanced security and restricted access to your organization confidential data for secure internal communication

Backed by SLA

Gives you a reliable network backed by enterprise-level Service Level Agreement

Multiple Connectivity

Get secure internet access on the go with our Smart VPN solution on GSM and CDMA

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