Being fast and flexible is at the foundation of all digital and network transformation initiatives today. As businesses around the world, both big and small are rapidly digitising in a bid to develop operational resiliency, the need for robust networking practices has skyrocketed.

Traditional network architectures were not built to handle the workloads and complexities of most digital transformation initiatives. More troubling is the fact that business-critical services are also often distributed across multiple clouds and service providers, which can compromise network performance further, especially at branch locations. For SMEs in particular, the cost of building and maintaining their own private networks can be high and adopting older practices (like private WANs using MPLS) can be financially crippling.

This is where TTBS SDWAN-iFLX brings intelligence and flexibility. Powered by Fortinet (a category leader as per Gartner Magic Quadrant), SD-WAN iFLX solution gives you operational simplicity, application-level prioritization and visibility, integrated security, enhanced overall business application environment as well as the much-needed resilience at an affordable price point.



Agile business policy modification

The network endpoints are located at the SD-WAN edge which includes a branch office, a cloud server, or a remote data center. SD-WAN edges are simplified to the point where even a non-IT person in a remote branch can simply connect and power it up.

SD-WAN Orchestrator

Agile business policy modification

SD-WAN orchestrator is the network’s virtualized manager, supervising traffic and enforcing operator-defined policies and protocols. The orchestration layer coordinates the communication of on-premises and cloud data – to and from distributed network services and resources – with policy-driven insertion of distributed network services. This is a highly resilient and fail-safe control plane because it is independent of the data planes.

SD-WAN Controller

Provides end-to-end visibility and analytics

The SD-WAN controller manages and allows operators or administrators to see the entire network from a single dashboard while still setting transport policies for the orchestrator to implement.


WAN Resilience

Get the most out of your applications via industry leading uptimes and performance over multiple WAN transports

Application Prioritization

Leverage hybrid networks to provide secure access and fast connectivity at remote locations

Integrated Advanced Security

Couple next-gen firewall technologies with routing to get state-of-the-art security, both on and off the network

Scalable, High Performance

Stake your SD-WAN in large scale environments with no adverse effects on performance owing to the only ASIC in the industry


Avail fast connectivity and high performance across multiple forms of cloud configurations without compromising on security

Zero-touch Provisioning

Rest easy with the inbuilt provisions for large scale, fast deployment of secure SD-WAN

Centralized Orchestration

Leave no stone unturned with a central management console that allows deployments, configurations, and operations replete with analytics and reporting.


1. Managed secure SD-WAN with domain expertise for network solution

2. Opex-model for SMEs

3. WAN path controller

  • Performance SLA definitions, best path selection on QoS
  • Auto failover, balancing, bonding
  • Lowest cost (SLA), efficient use of bandwidth

4. ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) accelerated SD-WAN- fast application identification and steering

  • Detects over 5000 applications results in auto application optimization
  • Use all links meeting SLA: Define application SLA-based path steering
  • Application quality of service and traffic shaping

5. Analytics and Reports

  • Granular level visibility
  • Performance widget and quality metrics status
  • Application and rule utilization reports


Intelligent / Flexible WAN Management
SLA-Based Best Path SelectionYesYesYes
Bandwidth OptimizationYesYesYes
WAN Auto FailoverYesYesYes
Load BalancingYesYesYes
Dynamic Branch to Branch TunnelYesYesYes
Local Internet BreakoutYesYesYes
Application Aware Routing
Application SteeringYesYesYes
Prioritization on QoSYesYesYes
Custom Application SupportYesYesYes
SSL DecryptionYesYesYes
Deep Packet IdentificationYesYesYes
Forward Error CorrectionYesYesYes
Dynamic B/W Optimization SaaS / Cloud ApplicationYesYesYes
Zero Touch ProvisioningYesYesYes
Managed ServiceYesYesYes
Analytics, Reports & DashboardsNoYesYes
i-Serve PortalNoNoYes
Next Generation Firewall – UTMNoNoYes

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