Cloud CRM

Details about Cloud CRM

Cloud CRM

Our sales CRM tool has Pre Sales, Sales and Post-Sales modules powered by TCS iON that will help the organization to enhance their customer’s journey and improve their business growth.

Cloud CRM
Cloud CRM Solution
Simple CRM Software with cloud CRM Technology
Simple CRM Software with Cloud CRM Technology

For an organization, keeping good communication with its customers plays a vital role in its growth. In the long-term, Customers turns into loyal followers when they get a meaningful, productive and timely response from the company about their issues.

Tata Teleservices Cloud CRM helps businesses and organizations to get a complete understanding of their customers. We offer a simple crm software to manage all customer-related information and establishing a stronger bond with all of your customers.

Our CRM tool integrated with all customer-end management functions and strong communication tools will help you in building and maintaining your loyal following of customers hence aiding you in your business growth

Our Customer Relationship Management tool will help your business to flourish as well as to establish good and long-lasting relationship with your customers

How our Cloud CRM tool will help you in your business growth?


  • Minimize errors during work process
  • Eliminate redundant activities
  • Increase Productivity


  • Interact with customers in real-time
  • Analyze their problems and opinions
  • Provide quick and better solutions for improving customer retention

Value for money

  • No Capital Investment
  • Easy deployment and Scaling
  • Pay-per-use billing models

Customer Support

24*7 service assurance from Tata Teleservices

Salient features of CRM Solution

Simple CRM

Our simple CRM software comes with intuitive features that will help the agents to get started easily. It also has on-board support to guide agent during their work

360 Degree View

Our cloud CRM tool will help you in recording previous interactions with customers and tracking their purchasing history and getting a better understanding of their expectations and needs

Sales CRM

The Customer relationship management tool will help in identifying potential cross-selling or Up-selling opportunities and improving Sales and Cash- inflows

Calendar Management

Grant access to your personal schedule as well as subordinates calendar schedule for smooth workflow

Activity management

Helps in executing daily and monthly work plans and field activities to enhance business growth

Case Management

Helps in faster resolution of issues and complaints increasing customer satisfaction and Retention

Database Management

Manages transactional databases for better understanding of lead conversion and efficiency of various campaigns and offers run by the company

Automate Routine Task

It has the feature to automate tedious tasks such as sending subscription renewals, discount offers remainders and anniversary greetings to customers

Campaign management

Design targeted market campaigns for uplifting sales for your company

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