Details about Content Delivery Network

cDN Solution for Enterprises

Our CDN Solution delivers high-quality network services to smart devices working on an interconnected system providing replicate web content at various geographies end-users hence minimizing delays in loading web page and increasing end-user experience.

We offer the advance delivery network to enterprises delivering their content virtually on multi-devices and grow their audience. Our tool provides rich user experience by reducing physical distance between servers and reducing latency.

CDN Solution to deliver quality content to end-users
CDN Solution to deliver quality content to end-users
CDN solution for business
CDN solution for business

Why Content Delivery Network is Important to Business ?

  • Speed: Deliver high speed to end users enhancing the user experience
  • Scale: Provide high scalability streaming on any device at any location
  • Geographic Diversity: Provide high-quality internet service to vast geographies
  • Security: Ensure security to your copyright content that is displayed on the web
  • Cost-effective: No capital investment and low maintenance cost make this tool affordable for every size of the industry
  • Multi-Device: Deliver rich content virtually on any device at any location
  • Easy Deployment: Have quick access to your targeted audience with easy deployment

Where Our CDN Solution can provide rich experience?

  • Entertainment Sector: Entertainment Sectors such as sporting events, television programmes and movies, OTP platforms, etc
  • Live Broadcast: Live Broadcast of one-time events via the Internet such as award functions, the swearing-in ceremony
  • Corporate Sector: Business Operations over the internet such as Corporate Videos, Weekly Meetings, etc
  • Large Online User Base: Websites with Wide Geographic user base also need CDN services such as retail sector, e-print media, online bookings
  • Large Files Delivery: Companies delivering large files such as Gaming products or Softwares

Features – CDN Solution

  • Optimization: Has optimized network architecture for application deliveries and real-time broadcast. The tool is also optimized for sending large files such as media-rich content, software downloads
  • Simultaneous Broadcast: Can provide broadcasting on Multiple devices such as laptop, mobile, tablets simultaneously
  • Automated Pull Connector: Automated content pull connector from customer origin with the feature of Pull once-Download Many
  • Content Distribution: Our CDN will pull files from your origin servers and upload them to our CDN servers and save in cloud storage for distribution
  • Secure Copyright Content:  Get security features to secure your copyrighted content on the web
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Why Choose Our CDN Solution?

Why Choose Our CDN Solution?

Private Network

Our CDN serives are riding over privately owned global IPv4/IPv9 network.

Global Reach

Our CDN services are available across the globe over Tier 1 network with reach to over 200 countries.

Rich User Experience

Peering with leading ISPs helps us in providing  highest quality end-user experience.

24 * 7 Support

We value our customers and available round the clock for service and support.

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