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Email Security

We bring you Email Security Protection that will keep your email secure and protected at all platforms – Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or on-premise servers. With our feature-rich email security service, enterprises can enjoy the reliable exchange of mails over any platform without fearing any cyber threat that might cause harm to the business.

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As more and more businesses are granting their employees to work from outside the boundaries of corporate walls, reliance on email communication has multiplied making Safe emails a vital part of business communication

Risks Attached to your emails

SpyWare : Sent as an attachment file in your email and can access all your device information

Phishing: Email Phishing scams are tricks used to get out sensitive and confidential information. It can appear as emails from trusted sources

Virus : Spread to all your contact list without your knowing

Spams: These mails can fill your inbox with unsolicited mails

Advantages of Using an Advanced Email Security System


Cisco AMP

comes with Advanced Malware Protection technology to provide protection against ransomware attacks and persistent threats

100% UpTime

Redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure ensuring 100% uptime

Advanced Filtering

Patented Image Control and marketing filters for advanced content control

Outbound DKIM

Has the ability to generate key and insert DKIM signature automatically

Disaster Recovery

Assured disaster recovery and 32 days trace replay

Protection to All

Can be easily integrated with 365 Office and Google Mail


Anti- RansomwareAvailable
O365 Security with DKIMAvailable
G-Suite with DKIMAvailable
URL FilteringAvailable
Data Loss Prevention(Lite)Available
Opportunistic TLS EncryptionAvailable
Alerts on System UnavailabilityAvailable
Secure RBAC PortalAvailable

How Our Email Security Solutions Ensure Your Emails Safety?

Our Email Security Protection Service Guarded Your Emails Against Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, Viruses And Spams

Detects Advanced Persistent Threats Like Spear-Phishing, Whaling, Typo Domain And Spoofing Attacks

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