Businesses are constantly re-imagining operating models and working environments leveraging technology at the core. Businesses and customers are multi-tasking and engaging in multiple activities via multiple devices. Devices and modes through which interactions occur are no longer linear – multiple platforms, multiple devices and multiple channels. Connectivity with the ecosystem is assumed to be “ON” 24/7 x 365.

Flow forward with our cloud communication solutions, Smartflo for a business world without boundaries. A smart, multi-modal, multi-functional, flexible, scalable, secure and reliable suite of cloud based communication solutions. It is a sophisticated Smartflo of digital connectivity, business intelligence and productivity.


Hosted Contact Centre

Complete Call Center Operations Management suite

  • Inbound and outbound, progressive and preview dialing
  • Built-in CRM integrations for a seamless experience
  • Sentiment analysis and word-cloud powered analytics

Outbound Marketing Solutions

Integrated Marketing platform for all Outbound Campaigns

  • Voicemail transcription supported by text to speech personalized messages
  • Customized campaign flow which can be fed back into IVR flows
  • OBD prompts with DTMF inputs that can be coupled with API integration to dip into any database

Hosted Call Connect

Complete virtual PBX environment

  • Outbound and inbound calling with call patching
  • User management with role based access
  • API and webhook, detailed call logs and call management dashboard

Multi-level IVR

Outbound and Inbound Call Management suite with customized routing functions

  • Sticky agent coupled with barging/whispering/transfer
  • Using same pilot number for both outbound and inbound flows
  • API and webhooks integration with number masking for secure interactions

Missed Call Solutions

Never miss a call from your customers

  • Bespoke IVRs for missed calls
  • Automated call backs and scheduled SMS
  • Integrated email reports

Click2Call Services

Integrated approach of single click based communication for end customers

  • Website and panel integration which can feed into the IVR flow
  • OTP based calling and verification solution for agent call patching
  • Number masking for customer privacy at all ends


Anytime, Anywhere Communication

It frees your employees from their desks and lets them communicate over the Internet – on the go

Enhanced Customer Experience

With faster, smoother and streamlined call flows, you can provide a seamless, frictionless customer experience and watch your productivity soar

Reduce Operational and Capital Costs

No bulky infrastructure and storage, just the cloud and your phone.

Get Business Intelligence

Get detailed reports & analytics to track agent/project progress and avail insights for enhancing business

On-demand scalability

The solution allows on-demand scalability which enables you to adapt quickly and efficiently to changing business conditions.

Enterprise Grade Security & Reliability

Decide who to grant access to with a completely customizable admin portal. Choose from IP restrictions, OTP verification, multi-factor authentication and implement all of them, anytime.


How Smartflo makes you work smarter and deliver better customer experiences

Comprehensive Dashboard: Take call notes, monitor live calls, track team progress, access deep data insights, and much more. One dashboard, unlimited possibilities

Smart Call Flows for Agents: Choose a ring strategy that fits your needs. Send calls to best-suited agents or ring all agents simultaneously with parallel ringing for quick query resolution

Intelligent Customer Call Routing: Do not worry about off-hours, different time-zones, or gazette holidays. Route calls to available agents, the reception, or play a pre-recorded message to keep your clients up to date

Agent Monitoring: Know when your agents are engaged, track calls to check team productivity, lower call ring time and do more with detailed analytics from the live dashboard

Privacy and Protection: Make the most of our restful API to offer features like click-to-call. Or enable number masking to hide the contact details of one or both, agents, and clients

No Crank Calls: Manage incoming call volume efficiently by minimizing calls from bots, pesky vendors, or spam callers. Add numbers to the blacklist in real- time with our easy-to-use portal

Manage Contacts: Integrate with CRMs to conveniently check lead status, create easily accessible contact profiles, choose which caller ID to display, and improve customer retention

Sticky Agent: Route customers to agents they already share a rapport with or agents well-versed with their transaction history for quick query resolution

Intelligent Assistant: Encourage customers to self-serve for simple queries or quickly route them to the right department based on their dial pad inputs via an IVR. Automate mundane tasks easily


Plan FeaturesSmartflo Hosted Call ConnectSmartflo Hosted Multi-level IVRSmartflo Hosted Contact Centre
Call patchingYesYesYes
UIBasic reports availableCustomised reports with email integrationCustomised reports with email integration
Encrypted communication128 Bit Security128 Bit Security128 Bit Security
Automatic Call Distributor (’ACD’)YesYesYes
CTI pop-upsYesYesYes
Client number masking for agentsYesYesYes
Security level for hosted customer dataData hosted in private cloud with ISO 27001 CertificateData hosted in private cloud with ISO 27001 CertificateData hosted in private cloud with ISO 27001 Certificate
Standard IVRYesYesYes
Multi-level IVRYesYes
SMS integrationYesYes
API integrationYesYes
Allowing customized access to portalYesYes
Scheduled email report with customized fieldsYesYes
Agent status toggle -busy/idle/break/out of oceYesYes
Calling list-filters/de-duplication/scrubbingYesYes
Call barging and whisperingYes
Sticky agentYes
Text-to-speech (’TTS’)Yes


Q: Can I have inbound and Outbound on the same pilot number?

A: Yes, the platform enables incoming and outgoing calls to be enabled on the same pilot number

Q: Is there only a set IVR flow that can be used?

A: No, our IVR flow is completely customizable as per the customer’s requirement

Q: What are the ways that my agents can use this service?

A: There will be multiple types of access modes like browser extensions, app login, or mobile numbers configured for the portal

Q: How many channels would I need for the configuration?

A: It depends on the contention ratio that is being asked here, effectively as many active calls that may be needed, double that many channels will be required. Minimum 50 channels (Agent 25) will be required for the solution.

Q: What kind of calling configurations can be setup on the portal?

A: There are both manual and progressive dialer types available on the portal. Also, different Automatic Call Distribution setups can be made like round robin, Sticky Agent etc.

Q: Is API integration with customer’s CRM possible?

A: Yes, all existing CRMs can be integrated after understanding the scope of integration. Additional customisation charges may apply

Q: How can the call recordings be accessed?

A: Call recordings will be immediately available for viewing, download or upload to an AWS account

Q: Is there any additional charge for agent licenses?

A: We only charge for channels and there is no additional cost for licenses, however if you opt for TTS there will be additional cost towards our vendor

Q: Can I monitor my agent performance?

A: Yes detailed agent monitoring dashboards will be available, and it can be customised as well

Q: What are the variants of Hosted Services I can opt for?

A: Through Smartflo services, you can go for Inbound and Outbound concurrent service, Inbound only, Outbound only and any other variations that may be required can be customised to an extent

Q: Can I design multiple campaigns?

A: Yes multiple campaigns can be created, and agent roles can be switched and cross-mapped between different campaigns

Q: Will the calls be scrubbed for DND?

A: DND facility will be available for Tele Marketer series 140. For a normal call series, DND scrubbing ownership will be customer’s responsibility

Q: Can I terminate the contract when I want?

A: Minimum Lock in is 6 months

Q: How is the base uploaded?

A: Base upload and lead management is available on the portal with advanced features like call back setup

Q: What is the uptime for Smartflo services?

A: SLA offered is a Service Availability of 99.5%

Q: How will my data be secured?

A: The admin and agent access credentials are password protected and SSL encrypted

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