Digital Survey

Details about Digital Survey

Digital Survey

Digital Surveys lets you conduct an unlimited number of online surveys in different languages on multichannel and gaining customer insights through robust analytics tool and take an informed business decision for the organization well-being and success

Digital Surveys offers you a comprehensive platform to conduct online surveys and assessment to gain opinions and feedback of your targeted audience in a most simple yet effective manner providing actionable insights to make informed business decisions


Now interact and engage with your employees and  customer to gain their valuable feedback over your company product or services with Digital survey solutions

Organizations can conduct these surveys anywhere be it there own website or through social media platforms, via emails or SMS. Our digital survey solution will provide in-depth analysis with visual data representation for a better understanding of  collective information given by the respondents.



Informed decision-making basis response will help you to take the right decision at the right time

 Flexible Features

Target Larger user base with multi-lingual and multi-modal features saving time and money

Single Application

Single application based surveys

OTP Verification

Secure your surveys with OTP based user verification

High Response Rate

Improve response rates by pro-active notifications

Robust Analytics

Provide deep analysis helps in making accurate decision 

Resourceful Technique

Save Time and efforts by conducting online surveys


Create and Configure Surveys

Create forms in different Languages

Create surveys with five response formats

Real-time segmentation through skip logic configuration

Configure from layouts and displays

Create and Schedule Campaigns

Define Campaigns attributes, respondants and response actions

Administer Surveys Online via email or SMS

Manage Campaigns

Manage Question Banks

Reuse Surveys

Use already saved survey questions

Use ready made survey templates

Analyze Result Question-wise

Analyze with Grid-View & Chart-View

Campaign-level & Transaction-level Analysis

Export data with a Single-click

Summarized Campaign Dashboard

Analyze Results

Why Choose TATA Digital Survey ?

Easy Deployment

Easy Configuration

High Scalability with unlimited response

Secure service powered by TCS iON

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