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Details about Lease Line

What are Leased Lines ?

Leased Line Connection provides balanced and two-way dedicated channel connection between various geographies such as enterprise location, regional centers and data hubs.  We offer reliable Leased Line network with secured routers at affordable prices.

Secure and Reliable Connectivity holds a value in the corporate world especially in recent times when professionals such as clients and stakeholders rely on modern communication technology to interact and collaborate with each other.

To meet such needs of communication and collaboration, we offer dedicated and secured leased lines to provide point-to-point channel connectivity and a private network for accessing sensitive business data securely.

Ultra LOLA:

We offer Ultra  LOLA 3.0 ( Ultra-Low Latency Leased Line) to provide seamless two-way connectivity between NSE and BSE.

  • Tailormade product for stock exchanges, Brokers and BFSI companies
  • Provide a secure connection  to process market data in real-time
Leased Line connection
Leased Lines for Business

How Ultra LOLA is beneficial to your organization?

Ultra LOLA offers exceptional advantages to enterprises looking for a private data circuit between multiple locations.

  • Provide latency of less than 200 microseconds between connected centres
  • Enables accurate algorithmic trading at a speed & frequency that is unachievable in manual trading
  • Attain high accuracy by reducing possible man-made errors in setting trades
  • Offers standard bandwidth of 1 Gig and N*1 Gig

What did Leased Line Connection Offers to My Business ?

Reliable : Offers you permanent carrier-grade connectivity for reliable connection

Zero Downtime: Provides you world-class redundancy elimination disruptive downtime concers

High-Speed Connectivity: Provide fast-speed connection to let you access heavy-data applications such as videos, voice, FTP, etc over the internet

Flexible Payment: Organization can choose the flexible payment method as per their convenience – Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly or Yearly as per their convenience

Secure Network: Offer point-to-point network privacy to have a secure transmission of sensitive data on these leased lines

Leased Line Connection – Features

Dedicated (1:1 contention)YesYesYesYes
Symmetric(same upload and download speeds)YesYesYesYes
Multiple, scalable bandwidth optionsYesYesYesYes
Speed2 Mbps to N*1 Gig2 Mbps to N*1 Gig2 Mbps to N*1 Gig1 Gig to N*1 Gig
Mean Time To Resolve (MTTR)4 hours4 hours8 hours4 hours
ProtectionMin 3 pathRingLinearRing
Planned maintenance notice3 days3 days1 day3 days
Emergency maintenance1 hour1 hour1 hour1 hour
Application usage suitabilityBusiness Critical ApplicationConverged Application Environment, Data, Voice and Audio/Video FrequencyData applicatonsReal-time interactive applications
Multiple last mile options (wireline and wireless)Only wirelineYesYesOnly Wireline
Tata Leased Line Connection for Enterprises

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