End Point Security

Details about End Point Security

End Point Security

Endpoint Security provides cybersecurity services for all network endpoints such as devices, mobiles, servers. These services include :

  • Antivirus
  • Email-filtering
  • Web filtering
  • Firewall
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Our EndPoint Security can ensure protection to customer data, intellectual property, confidential information, systems against various cyber threats such as ransomware, malware and phishing

Endpoint Security plays an important role in ensuring safety to organization valuable data that can get leaked while accessing the internet from devices without endpoint security features endangering the whole business.

Vulnerable devices can get infected from cyber threats resulting in costly downtime and resources allocation. Endpoint Protection is a value-for-money service for all size of industries that will provide protection to all end-point devices making them immune to cyber threats.


All-In-One Protection

Offer defence against URL filtering, Virus, Spyware, Phishing, Hacking and Data Theft

Easy Set-Up

Simple Installation and scalability with no requirement of IT expert

Administrative Portal

Comes with an Administrative portal to monitor your device performance

Multiple OS Support

Support Windows, MacBook and Mobile Phones


Has Multi-tenant Architecture resulting in Value-for-Money pricing

Customer Support

Comes with Voice Support for customers


Application ControlWin PC only
Component UpdatesAvailable
Data Loss PreventionWin PC only
Endpoint SensorAvailable
FirewallWin PC only
Full Disk EncryptionAvailable
Role-based AdministrationAvailable
HTTPS Web Threat ProtectionAvailable
Unauthorized Change Prevention ServiceWin PC only
Behaviour Monitoring including Ransomware ProtectionWin PC only
Device ControlAvailable

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