Virtual Firewall

Details about Virtual Firewall


Virtual Firewall Solution will provide you advance enterprise-grade firewall service that will inspect incoming traffic including applications, cyber threats and content.  It can offer

  • Quick response to potential threats
  • Reveal Unknown dangers
  • Deep-Packet Inspection

firewall virtual appliance

Backed by Industry-leading Palo Alto Networks firewall technology, Virtual Firewall is a highly available managed solution that can ensure protection to every business size whether one is looking for rapid deployments for SMBs or customizable enterprise-specific security controls or has to meet high-end industry needs, our Virtual firewall is the solution


Threat Intelligence

Provide advanced threat intelligence with zero-day protection

Quick Deployment

Easy and fast deployment with best practice configuration

Flexible Package

Has flexible packages with world-class virtual firewall solution from top-leading providers

Centralized Portal

More Control on enabled security services with Centralized Managed Portal


Virtualized FirewallYesYesYes
Application Identity ControlYesYesYes
L3 Interface ModeYesYesYes
User Identity ControlYesYesYes
DDoS ProtectionNoYesYes
Data FilteringNoYesYes
TLS inspectionNoYesYes
URL FilteringNoNoYes
Real-Time IntelligenceNoNoYes
Mobile ProtectionNoNoYes

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