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Details about Internet Leased Line

What is Internet Leased Line ?

Internet Leased Line service provides high-speed internet connectivity and dedicated bandwidth to enterprises for having reliable communication and transactions over the internet.

Internet Leased Lines for Business
Internet Leased Lines for business
Internet Leased Lines with dedicated bandwidth
ILL with dedicated bandwidth

Why ILL services are better than Broadband for Business ?

Dedicated ILL connection is the perfect choice for enterprises facing challenges such as

Unstable Broadband connectivity resulting in low productivity

Increasing demands for data connectivity

Need for Reliable communication to offer consistent services to International clients

What are the offerings of Internet Leased Line service ?

Our ILL Service is the combination of three main offerings to the industries


We provide a stable and secure remote access with Leased Line connection enabling employees to work privately in a secured manner from anywhere and anytime.


Gives full control of high speed leased lines along with CXO level dashboard that proactively monitors network


It will provide link-level redundancy with auto-failover. It is available in two setups – Active-Active and Active-Passive

Why Choose Tata Internet Leased Line ?

Tata Internet Lines are beneficial services for enterprises and businesses who has internet dependency and need reliable business solutions for their data connectivity requirements.

Our Advantages

Reliable Speed

Get High-Speed Internet Connection with dedicated bandwidth


Simple and friendly interface for managing and monitoring performance

Widespread Reach

Access widespread last-mile network to reach your offices across various locations

End-to-End Service

End-to-End Service Level Agreements for latency, Uptime and packet loss

Dedicated Leased Lines – Features

Dedicated BandwidthYesYes
Symmetric BandwidthYesYes
Multiple Bandwidth OptionsYesYes
99.5% SLAYesYes
Latency CommitmentYesYes
Packet Loss less than 1%YesYes
Multiple Last Mile OptionYesYes
Ring ProtectionYesYes
Online Payment OptionYesYes
Proactive MonitoringYesNo
Configuration ManagementYesNo

Why Choose Us?

Offer better configuration with minimal congestion for optimal performance

We provide round the clock services

Successfully meeting business needs for over 20+ years

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