Smart Hosted PBX

Details about Smart Hosted PBX

Smart Hosted PBX.

We bring you a Smart Hosted PBX that will aid business and their customers in the quick set-up of telecom infra on cloud-based virtual PBX. Our product offers a complete Outbound Call Connect package for agents along with immediate CDR availability and lead management features.

In the era of smart technology, businesses have to adapt smart solutions to ensure exceptional services to their customers. Our Smart PBX solution will save you capital investment cost making it affordable to every size of enterprises be it small, medium or big while enhancing employee satisfaction and productivity.

Our Cloud Based PBX solution let your employees continue their work even from remote locations ensuring continuity of services to customers at all levels. It connects the employees to a central dashboard and dialler with a click-to-call feature to make them establish a call connection with customers

Cloud Components Sync


  • DIY Portal: Provide URL based access that can be accessed from any smart device
  • Cost-Effective: Cloud Based PBX will reduce installation cost making it affordable for every industry-size
  • Call Monitoring: Let you record calls immediately for better monitoring
  • Flexible: Let your call agents place the calls to customers from anywhere and any device



Let you record and monitor calls for analysis

Enables Web-based real-time communication

Call Back: Let you schedule call-back

Access to real-time reports and visual dashboards

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